Zeta Omega Chapter of Delta Psi Epsilon Christian Sorority, Inc 

Delta Psi Epsilon Christian Sorority Inc

Zeta Omega Chapter

The Sorority That Puts GOD First

So How Can I Become A Member?

The first requirement is that you are a Christian woman that has been called by God for ministry. To join the Zeta Omega Chapter of Delta Psi Epsilon Christian Sorority, Inc., you must be a graduate of an accredited four year college or universityJoining our chapter requires an application, three (3) recommendations, interview and following the outlined membership intake program of Delta Psi Epsilon Christian Sorority, Inc.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Zeta Omega Chapter of Delta Psi Epsilon Christian Sorority, Inc., please see our Contact Us page.

Frequently Asked Questions

So what does it mean to be in Christian Sorority?

This Christian sorority was established to give Christian women the opportunity to enjoy Greek life, without having to compromise their values or moral beliefs.  We are a group of Christian women purposed to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to every nation through service and ministry.  We have a structure typical of most sororities, but we incorporate our belief system into its execution.  You have the opportunity to be apart of a network of Christian women that proclaims the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Is Delta Psi Epsilon for college students only?

Delta Psi Epsilon is a multi-generaltional organization.  We have undergraduate and graduate chapters.  We serve women of all ages.  Delta Psi Epsilon members can be anywhere from age 18 to 80!  Currently, most of our members fall between the ages of 18-45.

Can I be a member of Delta Psi Epsilon and be apart of another sorority?

Yes.  Delta Psi Epsilon is inclusive as Christ was inclusive.  You do not need to denounce your current sorority to join ours.  You are also free to join another sorority while being a member of Delta Psi Epsilon.

Do you have a brother fraternity?

Delta Psi Epsilon has made a deliberate decision to strictly be a sorority.  We do not have a brother organization.  However, we are charter members of the United Council of Christian Fraternities and Sororities, Inc. and work closely with other Christian Greek organizations.  UCCFS convenes every other year.  The next bi-annual convention will be in 2011.

Is this an African-American sorority?  Do I have to be apart of certain denomination to join?

The answer to both questions is NO.  While we are predominatly African-American and Hispanic, we have members of every cultural background.  We hope to expand in this area.  We are also multi-denominational, boasting members of almost every Christian denomination and non-denominational Christians as well.

Does Delta Psi Epsilon step?

Yes, colonies and chapters form their own step teams.  Many of our undergraduate groups also participate in their own probates.

Does Delta Psi Epsilon haze?

No.  That would go against our standards as a Christian sorority.  The Delta Psi Epsilon membership intake program is a non-hazing pledging process.  Delta Psi Epsilon nationally enforces a strict non-hazing policy.

Discrimination & Hazing Policies


Delta Psi Epsilon expressly prohibits discrimination by any component part of the Sorority or by any person acting on behalf of the organization on the basis of race, national origin, age, handicap, appearance or social status. 

Delta Psi Epsilon accepts members that members of other organizations including national sororities.  We believe in being inclusive, as Christ was inclusive.


Hazing will not occur in any chapter or colony of Delta Psi Epsilon.  Hazing is stupid, dangerous, and illegal.  Not to mention that hazing is definately against the laws of God.  Every soror of Delta Psi Epsilon must earn the resptect of her fellow sisters through love and not through hazing.  Hazing does not build respect.  It builds fear.

Hazing is defined as any unreasonable requirement of activity of new members and/or members which endangers the physical well-being of the individual, produces physical or mental discomfort, causes embarrassment, humiliation or ridicule or in any way degrades the individual.